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Red Bull Frontiers


An underground creative network that gathers once a year in an undisclosed location to explore themes of creativity and culture. Each year a new class is initiated into the movement through a unique three day exploration of music, ideas and context. Attended by the top emerging creatives from the United States and Europe, hand selected for their cultural influence and ability to drive change.

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“That deeper dive into history, priority, collaboration, and positive impact has led me to strive to make what I do a bigger part of the larger conversation of community and the future.”

— Zack E.

“Frontiers was one of the best experiences I have ever been a part of—surreal, emotional, exquisitely curated, a once in a lifetime experience.”

— Monica C.

“Not knowing what was next was the best part of the journey."

— Spencer N.


“It gave me confidence when I got back to work. Like I was important and that I have arrived in some way. With this comes fearlessness to ask for what I need.”

— Anya S.

“It strengthened my perspective that every person has the power to be great.”

— Sal M.

“Downright mind blowing!"

— Jay L.