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HARLEY is the last name of our CEO and VP's grandfather, Peter.

He was an adventurer and internationalist - a collector of ideas, languages and funny wine openers.

Starting his illustrious career as a sheep farmer in New Zealand, Peter traveled from Africa to the West Indies, stopping along the way as a traffic cop in Mauritius, Commissioner of Police in Nigeria and inn proprietor in Wales.

Recipient of the Order of the British Empire, Peter believed in respecting all people, laughing often and never giving up on things that seemed too difficult. He loved simplicity and always spoke directly and honestly. He deeply appreciated beautiful and useful things. He told wonderful stories.

At Harley&Co we believe in the things that Peter Harley believed in -- Simplicity, utility, adventure, beauty and quality.

To understand
our company,
you have
to understand
our name.

We think that the best innovations and solutions come from where the left and right brain meet.
All of our work demonstrates our expertise and core belief in:
Value Creation
We work with companies to envision and support opportunities for growth by increasing consumer engagement, creating greater financial returns and delivering deeper impacts.
The power of compelling stories.
We partner with brands and companies to uncover and create beautiful narratives about products and services. We support them in sharing those stories with their influential communities by creating dynamic content and innovative platforms.
The importance of elegant design
We work with organizations to design products, experiences and systems that are effective, unique and elegantly architected.
Our services:
Digital + Creative Strategy
Partnership Development
Public Relations
Organizational Design
Community Building + Engagement
Branded Content Creation
Investor Relations
Performance Management
Product Design
BrandsTalentVenture Capital Firms
Focus on Startups
"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."
- Erich Fromm -
At Harley & Co.we believe in the daring. Those unafraid to voraciously
seek new experience and understanding. Those brave enough to ask
why, and why not better. That's why we love startups. We don't just
come up with strategy and designs, we help our clients realize dreams
and turn inspiration into opportunity.

we come from rich and varied backgrounds.

We have been UN delegates, social workers, behavioral economists, skydivers, avid travelers, digital strategists and state champion athletes. Our collective experiences have given us a deep insight into a wide array of industries and help us come up with unique solutions.

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